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Black Tapware - Trend, Fad or Forever?

Black Tapware - Trend, Fad or Forever?

Black tapware is regularly gracing the pages of all our favourite lifestyle magazines and has been a hot topic of renovator blogs for a few years.

As this trend continues to filter down from high end architectural designs into household renovations and commercial builds, we are frequently in the tug-of-war debate, is black tapware a fad that will soon pass? Or is this trendy new kid on the block here to stay?

By definition of an “on trend” product, black tapware does tick all the boxes. It is relatively new to the market (compared to chrome), it’s foundation has been paved by trailblazers and popular endorsement, and it applies a bold modern twist to what was once an average piece of household hardware.

In a market where Chrome has the dominated as the standard for so many years, black now offers an alternative for those who want to make a bold design statement without stepping outside of a neutral colour palette.

Black tapware offers an inexpensive means to modernise any era of home, regardless of your design vision whilst maintaining sophisticated timeless style.

From our experience working directly with interior designers, architects, builders and small retailers, we know the enquiry rate for black tapware and accessories is still on the rise with no view of slowing down.

With the increase of social influence expanding each day, and an abundance of inspiration at our fingertips through Instagram, Pinterest, Houz, blogs and TV Shows like The Block; kitchen and bathroom designs have taken on a whole new life. We are seeing the introduction of so many new materials including raw timbers, stones, marble and copper; elements that previously would have unheard off. Matt Black tapware now provides the perfect muted neutral to tie in new elements and create sleek bold lines amongst rough textures.

Our view – like the fashion and automotive industry, black works perfectly in taming new attributes, and continues to be synonymous with style and sophistication.

100% on Trend, 0% Fad! Black is here to stay!


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