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The Dos and Don'ts for Matt and Gloss Finishes

The Dos and Don'ts for Matt and Gloss Finishes

Pigmented tapware has become an essential element of modern design. What was once a humble piece of hardware that was selected purely on functionality, has transformed into an undeniable statement piece to many contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. Not only are we now spoilt for choice in colour options, we are also able to select the finish that will best accentuate our design vision and compliment other finishes throughout the house.

Whether you are a lover of the bold matt black, sleek gunmetal grey, extravagant gold or just a fan of classic chrome, adhering to the correct cleaning practices is vital to ensuring the longevity of the finish, so that your hardware remains an attractive feature.

Regardless of your choice of colour or finish, it is NOT recommended to use abrasive cleaning pads or apply acidic, caustic or chemically based products or cleaners containing bleach or solvents to any metallic surfaces, matt or gloss.

If your vision includes Matt finishes, we recommend you take a less is more cleaning approach. All you need is a microfibre cloth and some mild soapy water.

Unlike glossy finishes, Matt products do not require surface cleaners that have gloss agents or wax fillers to increase shine to a mirrored finish.

Matt products are designed with microscopic imperfections (rough surfaces), which in turn creates the matt finish. Applying products that contain wax will fill the imperfections and give your matt hardware an undesired gloss look.

If you have chosen to install kitchen and bathroom hardware that has a shiny finish, such as chrome, our cleaning recommendation is to apply the same simple approach to cleaning; use mild soapy water and a microfibre cloth. However, to polish a gloss surface we suggest you use white vinegar and a paper towel.  It’s that simple! And yes, these methods are just as hygienic as chemical cleaning aids without causing damage to your finish.








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