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What’s In for 2019

What’s In for 2019

In every aspect of our lives, design trends have a direct bearing on what motivates our buying decisions. Whilst we all have our own unique identity, we draw inspiration from current trends and apply these elements to our personal dress sense, lifestyle and living spaces.

Unlike our ever-evolving wardrobes or seasonal décor, our kitchen and bathroom’s can be expensive to reinvent, making our choices more astute and thought-out, knowing today’s choices will remain fixtures within our lives for many years to come.

In 2019 we are seeing some SUPER bold trends emerging in the bathroom and kitchen spaces.

Coloured tapware continues to lead – Without question, coloured tapware is still at the forefront of design trends this year as the spectrum of neutrals expands – matt black, brass, brushed nickel and copper all offer a simple means to updating an outdated space.

Through the addition of new hardware to an existing space, even a design novice can make design choices that express their personal style without a huge out of pocket expense or long-term commitment.

To go the extra lengths on this trend, incorporate some matching door hardware, and you can easily and seamlessly transition each room of your home to one consistent style.

Bold Basins – Yes, bold, coloured, textured concrete basins are a thing! And we love the way a simple basin can transform an average bathroom into what appears to be an architecturally designed space.

If you are looking to push the boundaries and be a trail blazer for an emerging trend in 2019, then a well-crafted concrete basin will be that stand out item that takes your space to the next level.

Exposed Piping – Brass, Nickel and copper piping are no longer just plumbing, they are now feature elements to your kitchen or bathroom, adding a retro twist to an industrial look.

An effective trend if you are looking to add strong masculine elements to exposed or neutral wall. However, this trend is as high maintenance as it looks, as all raw metals require constant attention to prevent tarnishing.

Back-lit Mirrors – Set the mood with strategic lighting! More and more we are seeing this trend popping up in high end spaces. A back-lit mirror poses multiple purposes and ads a sense of depth, elegance or drama to the simplest space. This easily installed, and relatively inexpensive modification can provide even lighting to spaces lacking natural light at a fraction of the cost of traditional overhead light bulbs.  

Image Credit: Bathroom designed by Ki Design Studio.

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