Warranty Returns

In addition to the guarantees provided under the Australian Consumer Law, Luksus Australia warrants that the below products imported, distributed or manufactured by Luksus Australia and our authorised resellers for use in any residential homes are free from defects in material or workmanship for the period of the warranty as specified below.

Warranty periods commence from the date of purchase or handover (for new residential construction) and are subject to terms and conditions as outlined below.

Residential Warranty: Primary place of residence including House, Apartment, Unit


Warranty Period (Years)

Warranty Details

Kitchen/laundry Sinks - Stainless Steel 5

5 Years for general use.

1 Year for surface faults like chips or fading or any other manufacturer's fault.

1 Year on parts

Granite Sinks


15 Years product replacement for other Granite sinks

5 Years warranty for Stainless steel sinks



10 Years cartridge replacement

7  Year replacement parts or complete product

1 Year Labour



10 Years cartridge replacement

7  Year replacement parts or complete product

1 Year Labour



10 Years cartridge replacement

7 years replacement product or parts

1 Year Labour



5 years product replacement

Commercial/Industrial Warranty: 
Hotel, Offices, Warehouse


Warranty Period (Years)

Warranty Details

All Products


1 Year parts only


Terms and Conditions of Warranty

Subject always to any overriding obligation according to ACL, warranty claims will be void (declined) where:

  • Failure to provide proof of purchase or equivalent documentation from reseller or distributor

  • The product is not installed in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines by a licensed plumber and/or are not in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia AS/NZS 3500 and ABCB guidelines.

  • Damage to the finish incurred during installation or post-installation use and;

  • Failure to follow manufactures cleaning instructions (see cleaning guide) e.g. exposure to corrosive detergents and/or cleaning apparatuses, adhesives or sealants.

  • Damage as the result of incorrect installation, modifications, tampering, accidents, misuse, unauthorised applications or incompatible accessories including; unapproved water filters or aerators

  • Product used for applications other than intended

  • Damage or scratches due to extreme physical pressure or contact with abrasive, sharp or hard surfaces

  • Exposure to outdoor environments or extreme elements

  • The product is serviced or repaired using non-standard replacement parts were unauthorised by the seller

  • Tapware is exposed to water pressures and or temperatures that exceed tapware product limitations

    • Maximum Temperature; 75 degrees;

    • Maximum Pressure; 500kPa;

    • Minimum Temperature; - 1 degree; and

    • Minimum Pressure; 150kPa (300kPa for Shower/Diverter Mixers)

  • Note: AS/NSZ 3500.1-2003 (Clause 3.3.4) specifies 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within a building for new installations

  • The product is not intended/suitable for use for gravity-fed water systems or instantaneous hot water system


  • Luksus Australia, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excludes all liability for damage or injury to any person, damage to any property, and any indirect consequential or other loss or damage.